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Construction Loan Monitoring

​We help you reduce risks related to construction loans.

Lenders  can face unique challenges related to construction loans. The focal  point of a Lender’s business is the financial aspects of construction  and not the construction itself. Having a highly experienced  Construction Loan Monitor on a project can be invaluable in reducing the  risk inherent in a construction loan. This is where ARTOVIA can bring  the vast experience of its team in construction of many types to assist  in the management of the Lender’s risk with construction loans.

Whether  the project is residential, commercial, or retail; our staff has the  skill set to assist you in the monitoring of your construction loans.  Give us a call to see how we can help you.


  • Review construction contract documents & budgets

  • Provide periodic field monitoring and issue detailed reports regarding the progress of the project

  • Review monthly applications for payment and the disbursement of funds

  • Provide assistance in the close-out of the project

Let's talk about your needs.

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
Capital Project & Program Management Expert

Email Paul:


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