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Drainage Pump Station Operation Manuals

We help you improve pump station operations and reduce flooding risk.

As long-time pump station employees retire, critical experience is lost. Operations can vary greatly from station to station and new employees may not fully understand what action to take should a station component fail. Standard operations are typically not an issue, but when equipment fails, response time is most important. Technological advances have improved automatic operations of pumping stations, however, what happens if automation fails?  Will the station operator know what steps to take?


Our team will visit each of your pump stations, review as-built documents, and compile equipment O&M manuals. We will then develop or update the operation manual for each station that defines the operations and maintenance key components, overall station operations and step by step instructions for operations during component failure.

These operation manuals will improve efficiency, reduce risk, and facilitate personnel training. 


  • Compile as-built drawings for each facility

  • Compile O&M manuals for individual facility components

  • Conduct site visits to document station components and operations

  • Develop descriptions of major station components along with control strategies, options and maintenance information

  • Develop a guide on the station’s operations during normal and emergency operations, identify types of automation control failure and how to bypass if needed

  • Develop a quick start-up guide for pumping operations

  • Incorporate the major components, operations guide, and quick start up guide into an operation manual for each of your drainage pump stations

We will help you reduce flooding risk

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