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Davis-Bacon Compliance

We help contracting agencies ensure construction contractor and subcontractor compliance with the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts and other federal labor standards.

Contractors and subcontractors must comply with the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) and other federal labor standards for most federally funded construction projects. Under these requirements, contractors and subcontractors must properly classify workers, pay workers no less than prevailing wages, follow regulations for employee deductions, pay overtime at time and one half, submit weekly certified payrolls to the contracting agency, and maintain required job site postings. Contractors and subcontractors must also be eligible to work on federally funded projects.


The contracting agency that has the contract with the general contractor is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance. The agency's Labor Compliance Officer is tasked with this responsibility. ARTOVIA is available to serve as your agency's Labor Compliance Officer or to supplement your labor compliance team.


​Prior to construction of your DBRA covered project, we help you ensure the correct wage determination and labor compliance provisions are included in the construction contract documents and we inform contractors of their responsibilities for compliance.


During construction, we monitor contractors and subcontractors to ensure they are complying with the DBRA and federal labor standards and provide ongoing technical assistance to them. This is particularly valuable when contractors have limited labor standards experience or limited staff. We notify contractors of any non-compliance issues and ensure they are quickly addressed. We employ internal checklists and standard operating procedures to help ensure that non-compliance items are identified and addressed as quickly as possible.

Misclassification of construction workers on certified payrolls is certainly a common issue and can cost workers thousands of dollars in lost wages and benefits if they are not detected during monitoring. With our expertise in both labor standards and many types of construction, we can readily identify misclassifications and ensure that workers are quickly paid restitution for the actual work they performed.

We'll help you maintain records and prepare enforcement reports to show the funding agencies and the DOL that you have monitored contractors and subcontractors and ensured they've complied with Davis-Bacon requirements.

We work with all types of DBRA construction projects that are funded from a variety of federal sources such as HUD, EPA, USDOT, DOE, DOD and U.S. Department of Education among others.


  • Policies and procedures

  • Selection of proper prevailing wage determinations

  • Incorporation of proper labor provisions into bid and construction documents

  • Verification of contractor eligibility to work on federal programs

  • Assistance with DBRA and other labor standards at preconstruction meetings

  • Review weekly certified payrolls and provide compliance reports with corrective action needed

  • Review corrected payrolls and confirm restitution

  • Manage requests for additional classifications

  • Compare payrolls against inspection reports

  • Overtime compliance

  • Apprenticeship/trainee program verifications

  • On-site labor interviews and verification of postings

  • Technical assistance

  • Record keeping and reporting

We'll help you keep up with regulatory changes

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Jeanne Burke
Davis-Bacon Expert

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