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How We Serve You

We serve owners and operators of stormwater and flood protection systems. 

Our team members have worked as employees and consultants for public works agencies and understand the challenges you face every day with operations and successfully completing public works projects. We will work in your best interests to meet those challenges, which include aging infrastructure, lack of staffing, inadequate funding, and changing regulatory requirements.


Our team members have 30+ years of experience with public works operations and implementing hundreds of millions of dollars in public works projects. We have worked with stormwater systems including subsurface drainage, ditches, canals, pump stations and we have experience with flood protection projects.


As your trusted partner, we bring you the expertise to help you protect public health, welfare and safety, and the environment.

Let's talk about your needs.

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
Market Leader

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Stormwater & Flood Protection Agencies

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