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On-Site Construction Observations

We help reduce your risk by providing on-site observations during construction.

We provide on-site observations of construction projects to document progress and help ensure the contractor’s work conforms to the construction contract documents. These observations significantly reduce risk, as they help protect owners and design professionals from costly construction deficiencies and delays.


Whether called Resident Inspector, Resident Project Representative (EJCDC), or On-site Project Representative (AIA); our construction staff understands the construction documents and the importance of proper documentation. They also understand how critical of a role they play during construction and welcome the responsibility. 

We bring you extensive experience in most types of construction. Our team also has a variety of certifications, including those issued by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD), Army Corps of Engineers and United States Air Force. We also are experienced with "HeadLight" and "SiteManager" software for LA DOTD projects. LA DOTD now requires all construction documentation be performed in "HeadLight".


  • Observe progress and quality of construction

  • Maintain a detailed log of activities

  • Verify construction quantities

  • Review contractor payment applications

  • Attend project meetings

  • Review and monitor contractor’s progress schedule

  • Monitor shop drawing submittals

  • Review change orders

  • Serve as a liaison between contractor and rest of project team

  • Coordinate requests for interpretations and clarifications

  • Observe testing

  • Maintain project records

  • Review contractor as-built drawings

  • Assist with substantial and final completion inspections and punch lists

  • Verify submission of operation and maintenance manuals

We protect you from costly construction deficiencies and delays

Let's talk about your needs.

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
On-Site Construction Observations Expert

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