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Construction Documents Review

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Construction Documents Review

Our independent reviews of construction documents help reduce errors and omissions and mitigate risk.

ARTOVIA offers experience in reviewing construction documents for most types of construction projects. Our team has provided third-party reviews of construction documents for over 100 projects including drinking water, wastewater, drainage/flood control, transportation, affordable housing, casinos, retail projects, office buildings, facilities, subdivisions and other projects with effective results. We have a proven track record of reducing errors and omissions and mitigating risk for design professionals and owners with our reviews.


Who can benefit from our independent review services? Of course, owners first come to mind as they have the largest investment in any construction project. However, design professionals can also benefit from such a review by introducing an additional layer of quality control for their documents. 

The extent of the Construction Documents Review can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Although most commonly done when the documents are in the final stages of completion, ARTOVIA offers a wide range of Construction Documents Review possibilities, from full participation beginning with the project program phase to the review of final construction documents; as well as everything in between. We review documents for a wide variety of infrastructure and building projects. ARTOVIA will meet with your team to determine what best suits your needs and budget. The choice is yours. 

Below are the documents that we review:

  • Schematic Design/Preliminary Design

  • Design Development/Final Design

  • Bid/Construction documents

  • Front-end documents and technical specifications

  • Addenda

  • Change orders

  • Sections and details

  • Architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical documents

Review Services​

  • Constructability reviews

  • Coordination of drawings, specifications and design disciplines

  • Coordination of plans, sections & details

  • Conformity with Grant and Other Funding Requirements

  • “Ease of Operation” and Functionality Requirements

  • Compliance with Owner’s Design Program, Guidelines and Standards Requirements

We help you reduce errors & omissions along with liability

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Let's talk about your needs.


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