Asset Management

We help you find the Right Solutions, at the Right Time, and for the Right Reasons.

We help drinking water and wastewater utilities along with storm water agencies manage their assets in accordance with best practices. With our asset management services we give you roadmaps for managing your capital assets to minimize the total cost of owning and operating them, while delivering the service levels you desire. Asset management is more important now than ever because of lean budgets, aging infrastructure and increasing demands on your system.

With our asset management services, you will benefit from our blend of engineering, O&M and capital improvement expertise that has a proven track record of effectiveness.

We will help you answer the following questions about your system:

  • What is the current state of my assets?

  • What is my desired level of service?

  • Which assets are critical to meeting my desired level of service?

  • What are my minimum life cycle costs?

  • What is my best long-term funding strategy?


  • Inventory of assets

  • Condition and performance assessments

  • Vulnerability assessments

  • Useful life determinations

  • Life cycle cost analyses

  • Asset values

  • Levels of service

  • Business risk assessments

  • Capital improvement plans

  • Operation and maintenance plans

  • Hazard mitigation and disaster recovery plans

  • Funding strategies


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