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We help you successfully secure and administer CDBG funds.

We help entities submit CDBG applications for public facilities and infrastructure projects to CDBG Entitlement, State CDBG, CDBG-DR, CDBG-MIT, and CDBG-CV grantees that receive allocations directly from HUD. When CDBG funding is secured, we provide full grant administration services. For affordable housing construction, we provide application and administration services related to projects with a combination of CDBG funds and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.


We also help grantees that receive allocations directly from HUD with consolidated/action plans, program administration, policies and procedures, and monitoring of government entities, non-profits and contractors that receive CDBG funds from grantees.


  • Consolidated Plans

  • Action plans

  • Needs assessments

  • Project eligibility and national objective

  • Program administration

  • Subrecipient monitoring

  • Grant applications

  • Policies and procedures

  • A/E and construction procurement compliance

  • Cost reasonableness reviews

  • Compliance reviews of plans/specs and construction documents 

  • Environmental reviews

  • Financial management

  • Davis Bacon and Related Acts compliance

  • Section 3 compliance

  • Civil rights

  • Fair housing

  • Citizen Participation

  • Property acquisition

  • Section 504

  • Record keeping and controls

  • Monitoring

  • Close-out

We will help you implement CDBG compliant projects in a timely fashion

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CDBG Consulting

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