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Public Housing Agencies

How We Serve You

It has been our experience that Public Housing Agencies (PHA) have been reducing the size of their staff over the last few years. The reasons for this vary, but the results are the same, fewer people performing more work. This reduction in staff can lead to overworked employees, which can be reflected in the success or failure of a housing development. We will supplement your staff on an as-needed basis, which helps you keep your overhead low and allows your staff to focus on other responsibilities.​


ARTOVIA has the expertise to assist your PHA in all aspects of your housing developments. Our team has 14 years’ experience of working with or directly for the Housing Authority of New Orleans plus eight years' experience with other residential projects. We are very well versed in HUD requirements, including Section 3 and Davis-Bacon compliance. 

We bring you experience with new construction and renovations of more than 3,800 residential units related to single-family, multi-family and mixed income developments. Funding sources include the Capital Fund, Mixed Financing, LIHTC, CDBG, FEMA as well as other sources.


ARTOVIA shares the goal of providing safe and quality affordable housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Affordable housing improves lives and strengthens communities. Whether your project is single-family houses or an entire housing community, ARTOVIA has the experience and expertise to supplement your staff and assist in making your development a success.

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Guy Barcelona
Market Leader

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