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Grant/Loan Research & Administration

We help you meet the challenges of funding critical projects.

We will help you research state and federal grant and loan opportunities for your unfunded capital projects and match your projects with potential funding sources. We will then assist you in making go or no-go decisions for preparing funding applications. We will assist you in preparing funding applications and for funds awarded we will assist you with administering the funds in full compliance with program requirements.

We bring a unique blend of funding, engineering, construction, and project management expertise all in one package, resulting in projects that are technically feasible, cost effective, and compliant. We work with projects that are funded from a variety of federal and state sources.


  • Research available grants and loans

  • Assistance with funding applications

  • Full administration

  • Review of construction documents for compliance

  • Cross-cutting compliance

  • Project scoping for earmarks

  • Record keeping and reporting

Let's talk about your needs.

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
Grant and Loan Expert

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We maintain a database of potential funding opportunities

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