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Davis-Bacon Compliance for ESSER-Funded School Construction Projects

Helping Local Educational Agencies ensure contractor and subcontractor compliance with Davis-Bacon for ESSER-funded construction projects.

ESSER-funded construction projects are subject to Davis-Bacon requirements

As a Local Educational Agency (LEA), you are tasked with ensuring contractor and subcontractor compliance with Davis-Bacon for your school construction projects funded by the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Program.

Using the correct prevailing wage determination is critical

To avoid costly change orders and compliance issues during construction of your projects, we'll help you ensure the proper wage rate determinations and compliance provisions are included in your construction documents before bidding.

Contract award and preconstruction compliance

We'll help you verify the eligibility of the lowest responsible bidders and ensure the project wage decisions are still valid at the time of construction contract awards. At the preconstruction meetings, we'll help you inform the contractors and subcontractors of their compliance responsibilities.

Monitoring contractor compliance during construction

We'll help you review certified payrolls and related documents, perform employee interviews, verify postings, and provide technical assistance during construction to help ensure contractors and subcontractors are paying proper wages to their workers and are compliant with Davis-Bacon requirements.

Misclassifications can cost workers thousands of dollars in lost wages

Work misclassifications on certified payrolls are a common issue and can cost workers thousands in lost wages and benefits if not identified. We'll help you readily identify misclassifications and ensure proper restitution is made.

Proper Davis-Bacon record keeping is essential

We'll help you maintain records and prepare enforcement reports to show the ESSER funding agency and the DOL that you have monitored contractors and subcontractors and ensured they've complied with Davis-Bacon requirements.

We bring unmatched expertise in both Davis-Bacon and construction for more effective compliance monitoring.

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Market Leader, Labor Compliance/Contracting Officers


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