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Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) Consulting

​We help stimulate investments in affordable housing.

The  Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) was created in 1986 to stimulate  investments in affordable housing. LIHTC is a valuable federal resource  to support the development and rehabilitation of affordable housing in  underserved areas, the results of which can strengthen the entire  community. The LIHTC process can be complicated and difficult for  “first-timers”, those unfamiliar with the many rules and requirements,  or those that simply do not have the staff needed to take part in the  process.  ARTOVIA offers its experience with LIHTC to developers and  public housing authorities interested in participating in this  worthwhile program.

If  you are a developer or public housing authority that is interested in  applying for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, give us a call and let us  show you how we may be able to assist you in utilizing this worthwhile  program.


  • Assistance in determining eligibility your property or project to participate in LIHTC

  • Assistance in competing for a tax credit award

  • Review of Construction Documents to help ensure compliance with LIHTC requirements

  • Review contractor payment applications

  • Site visits, record keeping and reporting during construction

  • Assistance in helping the developer to avoid the recapturing of the tax credits by the governing authority

  • Administration of combined LIHTC and CDBG funds

Let's talk about your needs.

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
Capital Project & Program Management Expert

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