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FEMA Consulting

​We help you successfully secure and administer FEMA funds.

We  provide management and administration for the Federal Emergency  Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) and Hazard Mitigation  Programs.

Before  a disaster occurs, we help you apply for FEMA hazard mitigation funds  for projects to reduce risks from future hazards. Upon award, we help  you administer the funds. Following a disaster, we assist you with  damage assessments, project worksheets, grant administration, and  program management in accordance with FEMA's Public Assistance (PA)  Program. We also assist you applying for and administering post-disaster  PA Hazard Mitigation funding.


  • Damage Assessments

  • Project Worksheets

  • Applications

  • Program management

  • Grant administration

  • Administration of combining FEMA and CDBG funds

  • Policies and procedures

  • A/E and construction procurement compliance

  • Cost reasonableness reviews

  • Compliance reviews of plans/specs and construction documents

  • Environmental reviews

  • Financial management

  • Record keeping and controls

  • Close-out

Let's talk about your needs.

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
Capital Project & Program Management Expert

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