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Capital Project and Program Management

​We help you deliver successful programs and projects from start to finish.

When  a capital project is initiated, we work with owners to develop a  project management plan consisting of a project scope, a work breakdown  structure, organization chart, roles and responsibilities, quality  requirements, objectives, schedule, budget along with other related  requirements and procedures. This plan builds a foundation for  successful implementation of the project.

As  your trusted advocate and staff extension, we assist you with  implementing all project activities from start to finish, which could  amount to thousands of activities. We give you assurance that activities  will not fall through the cracks.

During  the project initiation stage, we help the owner with procuring and  contracting with a design professional for the project. In the project's  design phase, we assist the owner in administering the designer's  contract and review the construction documents developed by the design  professional to ensure they meet the requirements established in the  project management plan.

Once  design is completed, we help coordinate bidding, and the awarding and  execution of a construction contract. We provide construction contract  monitoring and administration in conjunction with the design  professional and provide on-site observations during construction to  help ensure the contractor's work conforms to the construction contract  documents. In post construction, we help you to complete all activities  necessary for close-out and for transferring responsibility of the  completed project from the contractor to the owner.

During  the entire project life cycle we provide extensive controls and  reporting for cost, schedule, quality, scope, changes and compliance  with the project management plan and work with you to take necessary  corrective actions as needed to meet your objectives. If federal or  state funding is involved, our grant/loan administration and cross  cutting services can easily be integrated with these capital project and  program management services.

Our  services come with best practices and simple yet powerful tools that  reduce risk and increase efficiency and quality. We have a successful  record of representing our clients' interests and helping them meet  their objectives. Whether it is one project or multiple projects,  ARTOVIA has the experience and resources to help ensure that your  projects are successful.


  • Project scoping and estimates

  • Schedule development

  • Expenditure and funding schedules

  • Procedures and tools

  • Architectural/Engineering (A/E) and professional services procurement assistance

  • Administration of Architectural/Engineering (A/E) and professional services contracts

  • Review of drawings, specifications and studies

  • Permitting

  • Property acquisition/servitude coordination

  • Funding compliance

  • Bid and construction contract award coordination

  • Oversight of A/E construction administration

  • Construction administration in conjunction with A/E

  • Monitoring of construction activities

  • On-site construction observations

  • Review of invoices and payment applications

  • Record keeping, reporting and controls

  • Assist with resolutions for adoption by boards and governing bodies

  • Close-out

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Paul Barcelona, P.E.
Capital Project & Program Management Expert

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