Labor Standards Compliance

Protecting The Rights of Workers

Most construction projects that use federal funding must meet the requirements of the Davis Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA) and other federal labor standards. Under these standards, contractors must be eligible to work on federal funded projects, pay workers no less than prevailing wages, follow regulations for employee deductions. pay overtime at time and one half,
submit weekly certified payrolls to the contracting agency and maintain required job site postings. 

We help contracting agencies, developers, and contractors administer and enforce these requirements by providing the following services:

  • Selection of proper prevailing wage determination

  • Incorporation of labor provisions into bid and construction documents

  • Verification of contractor eligibility to work on federal programs

  • Assistance with labor standards at pre-construction meetings

  • Review weekly certified payrolls and provide compliance reports with
    corrective action needed

  • Review corrected payrolls and confirm restitution

  • Manage requests for additional classifications

  • Compare payrolls against inspection reports

  • CWHSSA Overtime Compliance

  • Apprenticeship verifications

  • On-site labor interviews and verification of postings

  • Technical assistance

  • Record keeping and reporting

Our experienced team of labor compliance specialists, senior compliance advisors, construction managers, and inspectors has expertise in both labor standards and construction which is critical for effective compliance.